101+ Beautiful Korean Names for Girls

Korean names are known for their unique sounds, meanings, and deep cultural roots. If you’re expecting a baby girl and looking for the perfect name, you may wish to explore Korean names for girls that reflect the beauty of the culture and language.

In this list, we’ve curated 100 beautiful Korean names for girls with their meanings, ranging from traditional names to more modern ones.

These names reflect Korean cultural aspects, nature, virtue, and meaning, so you are sure to find the perfect name for your little girl. Let’s take a closer look at the fascinating world of Korean names for girls.


Beautiful Korean Names for Girls

Sure, here are 101+ beautiful Korean names for girls along with their meanings:

  • Eun-Hae – Grace and ocean
  • Sol-Mi – Pine and beauty
  • Eun-Ae – Graceful and loveable
  • In-Sook – Graceful and pure
  • Hye-Jin – Wise and precious
  • Young-Ae – Eternally beautiful
  • Jiyoon: meaning Intellectually Bright
  • So-Jin – Dignified and precious
  • Bomi – Beautiful and lovely
  • Minseo: meaning noble and wise
  • Mi-Hi – Beautiful and harmless
  • Ha-Neul – Sky
  • Da-Eun – Grand and blessed
  • Na-Young – Tender and eternal
  • Baek – Pure, white
  • In-Ae – Grace and love
  • Soo-kyung: meaning excellence and honor
  • Tae-Yeon – Great ambition and talent
  • Song-Yi – Bright and beautiful
  • Yoomi: meaning beautiful and abundant knowledge
  • Bo-Young – Precious and honest
  • Kyung-min: meaning honor and beauty
  • Kyung-Ja – Honor and respect
  • Kyung-Hee – Honor and joy
  • Seung-Ah – Winning and beautiful
  • Eun-Soo – Graceful and compatible
  • Seo-Yeon – Felicitous omen
  • Mi-Joo – Beautiful and precious
  • Ah-Rang – Flower of love
  • Na-Ri – Lily
  • Ye-Jin – Precious and gracious
  • Seul-Ki – Wisdom and energy
  • Jae-Yeon – Talent and beauty
  • Byul – Star
  • Eun-Su – Graceful and pure
  • So-Hee – Splendid and joyful
  • Hae-Young – Eternal and prosperity
  • Soojin: meaning silver pearl
  • Jiyu: meaning freedom and liberation
  • Ji-Hye – Wisdom and beauty
  • Ye-Ji – Beautiful and just
  • Ji-Hyun – Wisdom and brightness
  • Eun-Hye – Grace and wisdom
  • Boram – Precious
  • Eun-Ji – Grace and wisdom
  • Ga-Hee – Joy and happiness
  • Hye-Young – Wise and eternal
  • Kwan – Strong and mighty
  • Seung-Hee – Successful and joyous
  • Chae-Won – Angel of grace
  • Young-Hee – Etern
  • Mi-Ja – Beautiful and intelligent
  • Eun-Ju – Graceful
  • Hye-In – Wise and gracious
  • Mi-Hwa – Beautiful and graceful
  • Tae-Hee – Great joy
  • Heesoo: meaning A divine beauty
  • Eun-Bi – Graceful and beautiful
  • Jung-Hee – Righteousness and joy
  • Eun-Kyung – Grace and honor
  • Eun-Mi – Beautiful and graceful
  • Nan-Hee – Graceful and delicate
  • Yeon-Mi – Beautiful and resplendent
  • Dahae: meaning great joy
  • Da-Hee – Grace and joy
  • Mi-Hee – Beautiful and joyful
  • Hwa-Young – Beautiful flower
  • Si-Eun – Silk and kindness
  • Ju-Hye – Jewel or pearl
  • Da-Hae – Great joy
  • Yuri: meaning lily flower
  • Eun-Hee – Grace and pleasure
  • Do-Yeon – Smooth and graceful
  • Su-Jin – Graceful and gem-like
  • Dan-Hee – Sweetness
  • Ara – Beautiful
  • Subin: meaning kind-heartedness
  • Joo-Eun – Graceful and enduring
  • Da-Hye – Great intelligence
  • Nayoung: meaning soft and delicate
  • Lee-Ji – Plum and wisdom
  • Junhee: meaning talented and graceful
  • Mirae: meaning future and hope
  • Yeon-U – Luminous and graceful
  • Hye-Mi – Wise and beautiful
  • Haeun: meaning Graceful and elegant
  • Yejin: meaning precious and valuable
  • Yerin: meaning treasure
  • Jae-Eun – A new beginning and grace
  • Ka-Yeon – Graceful and beautiful
  • Yoo-Jin – Soft and precious
  • Seung-Yeon – Successful and graceful
  • Yeon-Joo – Affectionate and lovely
  • Bora – Purple
  • So-Mi – Beautiful and brave
  • So-Hyun – Noble grace
  • Jae-Hee – Wisdom and grace
  • Ji-Ah – Wisdom and beauty
  • Seulbi: meaning snowflakes
  • Ji-Eun – Wisdom and goodness
  • Hanna – Favored and grace
  • Chae – Graceful and noble
  • Hae-In – Graceful and fragrant
  • Sunyoung: meaning eternal beauty and freshness
  • Seo-Yun – Felicitous and soft
  • Kyung-Soon – Honor and purity
  • Kyung-Mi – Honor and beauty
  • Yoo-Mi – Beautiful and joyful
  • Ji-Soo – Wisdom and excellence
  • Gi-Hye – Brave and intellectual
  • Keira: meaning kind-hearted and gentle
  • Yi-Seul – Wisdom and cleanness
  • Bom – Spring or favorable



What makes Korean names unique compared to other cultural names?

Korean names are unique because they often have a three-part structure with their family name, middle name, and given name. Additionally, many of the names have a deep meaning and are often inspired by Korean culture, nature, and virtues.

Are there any Korean names that have a special meaning or symbolism in Korean culture?

Many Korean names have a special meaning or association in Korean culture. For example, the name Hye-Jin means “wise and precious” in Korean and is a popular name for girls in Korea. Similarly, the name Seo-Yeon means “felicitous omen” in Korean, reflecting the culture’s belief in good luck and fortune.

Are Korean names difficult to pronounce for non-Korean speakers?

Korean names may be difficult to pronounce for non-Korean speakers, especially the ones with different characters than the English alphabet. This may vary from person to person, and it is always recommended to listen to the name being pronounced before making a final decision.

Are there any famous Korean figures with unique Korean names?

Yes, many famous Korean figures have unique Korean names. For example, the Korean pop group BTS members have unique Korean names, such as Kim Nam-joon, Jung Ho-seok, and Kim Seok-jin. Furthermore, some Korean names can also be popularized through dramas, movies, or Korean culture as a whole, like the name Ji-Ah in the drama “It’s Okay to Not be Okay”.

Do all Koreans have three-part names?

Not all Koreans have three-part names. While many Korean names have a family name and given name, it’s not as common for them to have a middle name. However, some Koreans may choose to have a western middle name when living in an English-speaking country.


In conclusion, Korean names offer a unique and meaningful way to name your baby girl. From traditional names to modern ones, each Korean name comes with a deep significance rooted in Korean culture, tradition, and nature. Korean names may have a poetic, lyrical sound, reflecting language and the rich history of Korea. With this list of 100 Korean names for girls, we hope that you will be inspired to choose a beautiful and meaningful name for your little girl. Whatever you choose, it will surely be a one-of-a-kind name that is full of significance, culture and beauty.

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